Being An Introvert Sucks Sometimes

Recently, my team at work had a large online party for our senior manager who’s going on paternity leave, with online games like Among Us and other activities. But I quickly felt uncomfortable and decided to drop out. This is not new for me though. In past jobs, when work parties take place, I likeContinue reading “Being An Introvert Sucks Sometimes”

Making Most of Lockdown

Despite the premature feeling that lockdown was nearing an end, it isn’t, and at this rate we’re probably going to be dealing with this through the rest of 2020. That said, it hasn’t entirely been unproductive either. After any major, life-altering social upheaval (wars,1 pandemics, etc), I figure that people go through a series ofContinue reading “Making Most of Lockdown”

Information Overload

Information overload, especially during lockdown, is a real thing. The political turmoils, updates on Coronavirus and general dickheadery can really wear a person out. I don’t use too much social-media,1 but I do rely on Twitter primarily (plus Discord for D&D and other gaming), but even through that one social-media service, I got a badContinue reading “Information Overload”

Homemade Surgical Mask, Japanese Style

In cultures like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, wearing surgical masks is a common practice not just to avoid getting sick, but as a courtesy to others to avoid getting ill. As such, it’s not surprising that in these times people are getting creative with making their own masks due to shortages of medical supplies.Continue reading “Homemade Surgical Mask, Japanese Style”