Bōnenkai: Forgetting the Old Year

As my last post for 2020, I wanted to share a small feature of Japanese culture called the bōnenkai (忘年会) which are parties meant to say goodbye (lit. “to forget”) to the old year. The last week or two may be filled with bōnenkai: work parties, parties with circles of friends, associates, etc. Such partiesContinue reading “Bōnenkai: Forgetting the Old Year”

Making Most of Lockdown

Despite the premature feeling that lockdown was nearing an end, it isn’t, and at this rate we’re probably going to be dealing with this through the rest of 2020. That said, it hasn’t entirely been unproductive either. After any major, life-altering social upheaval (wars,1 pandemics, etc), I figure that people go through a series ofContinue reading “Making Most of Lockdown”