Setsubun: Then and Now

Every year since the kids were little, we celebrate a fun, Japanese folk holiday called Setsubun which traditionally comes the day before Spring (risshun 立春) in the old Japanese calendar. Now it usually falls on February 3rd, though this year unusually it was February 2nd due to a quirk in the old calendar. One ofContinue reading “Setsubun: Then and Now”

Happy Belated New Year!

Hello Readers! Although the first couple weeks of 2021 have been kind of lousy for us all, I wanted to take a moment to say “happy new year!” to you all. In Japanese, people greet one another the first time they meet after the new year with a special greeting. First, people say to oneContinue reading “Happy Belated New Year!”

Japanese Christmas Wrap-Up

Hi folks, The week between Christmas and New Years is always a whirlwind of events as we prepare for Japanese New Year (oshōgatsu お正月), kids birthdays and other things. I didn’t get to this as soon as I would like, but I finally had time to post photos from Christmas. We did not participate inContinue reading “Japanese Christmas Wrap-Up”

Talking to Kids about Buddhism and Death

A couple of months ago, my kindergarten-aged son, started crying one night because be didn’t want mommy and daddy to grow old and die. 😭 I am not sure why he suddenly thought of this, but I guess sooner or later all kids will eventually figure out mortality and how it affects loved ones. MyContinue reading “Talking to Kids about Buddhism and Death”

Summer Winding Down

Summer in 2020 came and went probably like no summer in recent memory. Ignoring the painful facts for a moment that there’s a global pandemic, politics are pretty bat-shit crazy, and the economic woes, and my stress level was through the roof, it was a quiet and low-key summer. Hunkering down for the summer hadContinue reading “Summer Winding Down”