The Accidental Module

Recently, I published a new document on DMS Guild, the Traveler’s Guide to the Hamato Islands: This was not the adventure module that I originally intended to publish, however. This one somewhat happened by accident. After play-testing an earlier module I published, A Good Night’s Rest, I started getting questions about how such-and-such would workContinue reading “The Accidental Module”

Making a Historically Accurate Ninja in Dungeons and Dragons

A while back, I had written a post about making a elven samurai character in Dungeons and Dragons. The result, Heian Amakiiro, has been a lot of fun to play in Adventurer’s League and was the original inspiration for my “Hamato Islands” series of adventures, starting with A Good Night’s Rest. However, recently I gotContinue reading “Making a Historically Accurate Ninja in Dungeons and Dragons”

It’s OK to Suck in D&D

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying an excellent animated series on Youtube about Dungeons and Dragons called “Animated Spellbook” and I wanted to share this one particular video with readers (D&D players in particular): The point of this video is that when you make a character in D&D, being super powerful or a perfect character getsContinue reading “It’s OK to Suck in D&D”

Adventure Number Three

In 2020, I published two small adventure modules for Dungeons and Dragons on DMS Guild: For King and Country, and A Good Night’s Rest. I enjoyed making both, but after publishing a Japanese-themed adventure at encouragement of my wife, I felt like I could make more of them. After playing with some ideas with theContinue reading “Adventure Number Three”

A Nerd Dad’s Review of Planescape in Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Recently, my kids have gotten sucked into a lengthy Dungeons and Dragons adventure at home (with me as the DM, of course) that started in the plane of Limbo, the chaotic-neutral plane, before the next phase of the story came to a place called Sigil, the City of Doors. The City of Doors, and theContinue reading “A Nerd Dad’s Review of Planescape in Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons”

Io Saturnalia, Baby!

December 17th was formerly the start of an ancient Roman holiday called Saturnalia. To celebrate, let me post this awesome video by Historia Civilia about it: Contrary to popular belief, Christmas is not directly derived from Saturnalia, but did adopt some aspects such as gift giving and festivities. Christmas derives its date more from aContinue reading “Io Saturnalia, Baby!”

The Adventures of Brock Stonefist

Let me tell you a story about a warrior who never actually existed, named Brock Stonefist. One night recently, I was playing Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League online, after months of not playing (scheduling conflicts). It was a relief to finally play again. The character I used was a High Elf wizard, similar to theContinue reading “The Adventures of Brock Stonefist”

Retiring my First Adventurer’s League Character

Or: “how not to build a wizard in Dungeons and Dragons, fifth edition.” My first character in Dungeons and Dragons, Adventurers League, was a high-elf wizard (Abjuration school) named Qisandoral Ariesstanus. He was a side-kick I originally made for my kids in their home campaign, with his deadpan, humorous personality reminiscent of Mr Spock fromContinue reading “Retiring my First Adventurer’s League Character”

New Published Adventure: A Good Night’s Sleep

I am happy to report that my second adventure module for Dungeons and Dragons has been published on DMS Guild: A Good Night’s Sleep. The idea for this started way back when I was playing around with the character idea of a Elven Samurai, and that’s when I realized that there is a pretty bigContinue reading “New Published Adventure: A Good Night’s Sleep”

Take Two: Writing Dungeons and Dragons Game Module

Hey guys, I am back from vacation (both from blog, and from work), and although I didn’t really get to rest much (the realities of parenting younger kids, plus other, external stresses), I did get some important things done. After completing and publishing my first Dungeons and Dragons adventure module, For King and Crown, IContinue reading “Take Two: Writing Dungeons and Dragons Game Module”