Getting Around in Dungeons and Dragons

Recently, in my play by post D&D group, my fellow players and I decided that after completing a few adventures, we could afford to upgrade to proper shelter and transportation. Up until now, we have been traveling from town to town, place to place either by walking, or asking our hapless druid character to WildContinue reading “Getting Around in Dungeons and Dragons”

The Return of Heian Amakiiro

A while back, I posted about an elf-samurai character concept I created for Dungeons and Dragons, and from this character concept I created a character for Adventurer’s League named Heian Amakiiro (character sheet here). His backstory was based on my own Hamato Island series of adventures. After playing several adventures in Adventurer’s League, I wantedContinue reading “The Return of Heian Amakiiro”

Adventurers League: Starting Over

Recently, the admins of Adventurers League made a major rules announcement: You can also read here for a detailed explanation as to why. This a pretty exciting change after Season 10 introduced some pretty controversial changes (which have effectively been reversed) in 2020, which led to a lot of grumbling among D&D players on Discord.Continue reading “Adventurers League: Starting Over”

Hobgoblins: the Klingons of Dungeons and Dragons

It’s been a while since I had a good D&D post, but after being sick in July and taking some time off, I honestly haven’t played in over a month. Even my play-by-post group had to take time off due to personal life interruptions affecting other players. So, this weekend, I finally got back intoContinue reading “Hobgoblins: the Klingons of Dungeons and Dragons”

Playing an Elven Forge Cleric

Recently, I have been taking part in a play-by-post D&D campaign with some Discord friends, and decided to try something different for a character concept. I got the idea in a roundabout way from Lord of the Rings, namely a somewhat obscure character named Cirdan the Shipwright. It dawned on me that elves could forgeContinue reading “Playing an Elven Forge Cleric”

So Your D&D Character Backstory is a Cliche…

Famous cosplayer and fellow D&D nerd, Ginny Di, recently posted a great video about how to think about making a compelling backstory for your Dungeons and Dragons character. If you’ve ever played a role-playing game, especially Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll know that your character needs a backstory, a reason for adventuring. Whether players are inContinue reading “So Your D&D Character Backstory is a Cliche…”

A Nerd Dad’s Review of the Hero’s Feast Cookbook

Last week, at the local book store, my teenage daughter used some of her allowance to purchase a book called Heroes’ Feast: a cookbook of Dungeons and Dragons-inspired recipes. During lockdown, she has taken an interest in baking and cooking, and after years of playing Dungeons and Dragons with me (and now her little brother),Continue reading “A Nerd Dad’s Review of the Hero’s Feast Cookbook”

Monks, Monks and Monks: yes, there is a difference

While writing A Traveler’s Guide to the Hamato Islands, a reference guide for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, set in early-medieval Japan (roughly analogous to the Muromachi Period for history nerds), it became painfully obvious that they way that D&D uses the term “monk” is confusing and overloaded. When most Westerners, including people whoContinue reading “Monks, Monks and Monks: yes, there is a difference”

A Buddhist Monk in King Strahd’s Court

Having watched Netflix’s Castlevania series for probably the third time through, and as a way of “eating my own dog food” by applying my Dungeons and Dragons Hamato Islands setting to other environments, I started a recent thought-experiment: suppose I made a Japanese-style character, and suppose that character got transported to the classic gothic horrorContinue reading “A Buddhist Monk in King Strahd’s Court”