Meet The Original Triforce: The Hojo Clan!

I was cleaning out old photos from my phone’s camera roll, when I realized that I still had photos left over from this post, including a photo of my omamori charm that I got from Enoshima Shrine way back in 2019. Sadly that was my last trip to Japan, and I haven’t been able toContinue reading “Meet The Original Triforce: The Hojo Clan!”

Omamori: Japanese Charms

Since New Year has come and gone, this is a time where people frequently purchase an omamori (御守り) charm for the year, while returning the previous year’s charm for proper, not to mention respectful, disposal. Because my family and I visit Japan every year since 2005 to see my wife’s family, I’ve picked up aContinue reading “Omamori: Japanese Charms”

The Mathematics of Buddhism

The 30th chapter of a massive Buddhist text called the Flower Garland Sutra is titled “The Incalculable”. This chapter is somewhat shorter but takes a very unique approach to expressing the massive scale of the Universe.  The Buddha begins by saying: At that time the enlightening being [bodhisattva] Mind King said to the Buddha, “WorldContinue reading “The Mathematics of Buddhism”

Relearning D&D Through The Eberron Setting

My kids and I have been playing through an Eberron campaign since early 2021, and to my surprise my kids enjoy it more than our previous campaign, but as the DM I also have re-learn many things. Previously, I wrote about my review of the 5th edition Eberron sourcebook, and I’ve made good use ofContinue reading “Relearning D&D Through The Eberron Setting”

Finding Refuge Amidst Anxiety, Lots of Anxiety

This tweet from the awesome Sententiae Antiquae blog had me thinking lately: When life feels overwhelming, I tend to think about a Buddhist text called the Immeasurable Life Sutra1 which is a highly influential in Mahayana Buddhism. It is one of my personal favorites. The first half of the sutra is the most extensive introductionContinue reading “Finding Refuge Amidst Anxiety, Lots of Anxiety”

Lessons Learned from the JLPT N1

In late 2021, I decided to take up Japanese-language studies once again, but this time in order to take the JLPT exam, level N1. I had passed the N2 some years ago, but had let my language studies gradually atrophy. Since that time, I have focused primarily on building up vocabulary first, even though theContinue reading “Lessons Learned from the JLPT N1”

Getting Reacquainted With Shogi: Japanese Chess

Happy 2022, dear readers!! 🥳 Ages ago, I got into playing a Japanese chess-variant called Shogi (将棋). Shogi as we know it has been played in Japan since the 16th century, but is based on older versions of the game, which in turn derived from continental Asian chess games. Back then, there weren’t that manyContinue reading “Getting Reacquainted With Shogi: Japanese Chess”